Tim Miller’s ‘Deadpool’

Directed by first timer Tim Miller and starring Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, T.J Miller and Ed Skrein, Deadpool has been a long time coming for comic book fans as well as superhero movie fans. Talks about the merc with a mouth having his own movie have been circulating for ages since superhero movies became a viable property. It almost fell apart with that dreaded appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine but thanks to the time altering timeline resetting god that is Days of Future Past, we have this Deadpool movie that lavishly sticks to its source material.

Ryan Reynolds plays Wade Wilson a man who after diagnosed with cancer undergoes a shady medical procedure to become the mutant known as Deadpool. What follows is a tale full of revenge, violence and swearing. Excessive amounts of swearing. This movie earns its R Rating and then some, it’s gleefully vulgar and over the top as…. Well as its main character.

From the start, literally at the start including the main titles, till the end this is a flat out hilarious story that works on all the fronts even its romance angle. Yes, Deadpool can be somewhat considered a romantic film, there’s an actual relationship between Wade and Vanessa and while it’s definitely crude in every possible way there’s an underlying sweetness to it. The action is sublime, the humour is on point and the performances are top notch, particularly Ryan Reynolds who was clearly born to play the role of Deadpool and nothing else, NOT EVEN GREEN LANTERN.

Are there a few missteps, sure as all movies do but they are really minor. A longer runtime may have been more beneficial if only to serve more jokes and silly antics for the audience. Also the villain, while he’s not a necessarily bad villain, he’s definitely intimidating and has a presence, he doesn’t really have much motivation to do the things he does. He literally exists in the movie to just be the bad guy which is fine for the film but I reckon a compelling arc would have been good as well.

Crass, gory, witty and full of 4th wall breaking shenanigans, Deadpool is a breath of fresh air in a landscape saturated with superhero films. While a stronger villain and a longer runtime might have been better, this is one heck of a fun movie which is due to the strong writing, stylish direction and the killer performance of Ryan Reynolds.

By Zimran Javed Abdullah

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