La Mama Theatre presents Yeah Absolutely

– La Mama Theatre, 23 rd – 27 th March 2016

Yeah Absolutely is a funny, curious and accurate slice of a young Australian actor’s life. Written and performed by Anna McCarthy and supported by Jem Nicholas, the short two woman show is a part of the 30th Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

As audience enters the intimate La Mama theatre, it feels almost like intruding into performers’ space while they’re in the green room preparing for a show – Maybe it’s this show. Maybe a rehearsal. Maybe just an exercise. Maybe an acting class. It’s hard to tell what they’re preparing for, but what follows is a few typical situations actors find themselves in.

It is extremely funny and slightly embarrassing as an actor to see what physical and verbal exercises look like to an outsider. It’s also hilarious to listen to your own thoughts being spoken out loud in a high stress situation like an audition. The deepest exploration in the show was of a short scene beingvrepetitively enacted with different emotions, aggressive, confronting yet funny for completely different reasons. As the writer says in her note, “We continue to perform, hoping meaning will come from repetition rather than interrogation.” Is it a metaphor for the way we live life?

The two actors maintain timing and energy throughout the show, keeping the audience hooked. There are some awkward first row moments in this intimate space, which some may enjoy. The only personal distraction for me was the smoking of 3 cigarettes too many, even though they were meant to depict addiction. The space and props are well used and multiple Green Room award nominee Katie Sketfidis’ lighting complements well. An entertaining show presented by a talented team.

More about the show can be found here.

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