The Lulu Raes at Shebeen Bandroom

Entering into the trendy multi-cultured exotica of Shebeen on Saturday night – a small obscure venue hidden in the quiet of Manchester Lane – I experienced an atmosphere of colour that seemingly leaked off surrounding walls and travelled into each artistic member of the crowd. The symbiosis of cosmic energy only enhanced as I moved through a demographic of Sheebeen locals who all seemed to speak experiences that matched the venue’s multi-cultural vibe. Noticing that Shebeen somehow surpassed the usual exploitation of saturated colour which most tropical bars based in the Melbourne CBD seem to have, I continued past a bar fuelled with empty glasses and leftover humus dip to descend into a air conditioned-less world that substituted ventilated air for successful grooving to boy band The Lulu Raes

The five part band is comprised of young Sydney students, diversifying from the comedy club kids to moustache groovers, making up a band of increasing success of awesomeness. The amazing people and players – Angus, Eddie, Marcus, Taras, and Tom (listed in alphabetical order) bring back to the stage the youthfulness and charisma of the late Australian music industry that held the stage of heroic titles like Paul Kelly and ACDC. The Lulu Raes, however rejuvenating they are for Australian music, they are forming their own contemporary path that gives their audience an authentic vibe of indi-pop-rock that leaves behind the ‘not so necessary’ heroin chic of rock and roll (thank god). Joining the Australian down to earth groove model that we see in our industry today- Matt Corby, Boy and Bear, Tame Impala, Zavier Rudd and Sticky Fingers – we watch our nation’s music industry, with help from smaller bands like the Lulu Raes, bring tunes to a podium of soon to be international fame. Cited by triple J, their most recent musical effort, Burnout, was added on full rotation on Triple j and FBi peaking at #3 on the AIR ‘Independent Radio Chart’.

The Lulu Raes new released single, Infinite Paradise which fans say have a Foster the People-esque vibe that left no honeys out or behind at their gig on Saturday night. Rumours aside, listening to this song countless times on my 8.30 am walks to uni, takes me on a ride of optimism that is rarely given and definitely received before my first coffee. The Lulu Raes have me tapping and shaking down Lygon before the first thought of the day has even started and that I thank them for. They create music that produces a transcendence of morning scepticism, providing a sound that is not only extremely well crafted and sophisticated, but unique and a great asset to the Australian music industry. It reminds listeners to be and smell like the young Australian adolescents they are, that the world will keep spinning and Infinite Paradise is just as obtainable as this good tune on your ipod.

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