Captain America: Civil War. The Russo Brothers do it Again

Standing head and shoulders above Batman vs Superman, Captain America: Civil War is a triumph and the ultimate culmination of the Marvel vision that started in 2008 with Iron Man. At least, for now. Starring Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Chadwick Boseman & a host of other actors and actresses, Civil War is an adaptation of the comic storyline of the same name in which superheroes are split against each other over a radical new initiative implemented by the governments of the world. Directed by the Russo brothers and scripted by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, who all together crafted the taut, suspenseful and thrilling film the Winter Soldier, Civil War follows the rift between Iron Man and Captain America in particular. Following the events of Age of Ultron the governments of the world have had enough with the Avengers wreaking havoc and causing collateral damage. A document known as the Sokovia accords is drafted which ensures that the Avengers only operate if and when a selected panel of members deem it worthy. Having been the cause of the events of Age of Ultron, Tony Stark thinks oversight is a good idea while Steve Rogers remembers how Hydra was a part of SHIELD and thus refuses to sign it.

Affectionately nicknamed Avengers 2.5 during it’s conception, Captain America: Civil War is the best Avengers Movie to date. Almost every character on the screen is given a simple storyline to follow through and each of them graces the screen perfectly. The heart of the movie however is indeed Captain America and Chris Evans once again displays his fantastic acting chops. Captain America is essentially Marvel’s Superman in the sense that he is a boy scout who is always trying to do the right thing. What the Russo brothers did in Winter Soldier, which also carries across through Civil War, is give him his Achilles Heel; Bucky Barnes. After being frozen in the ice for 70 years and thawed out in the present, Steve believed that he had lost everyone he knew about, which makes it even more tragic to find out that not only was his best friend alive but he was a brainwashed assassin. Throughout Civil War, Steve stops at nothing to prove Bucky’s innocence, going so far as to fracture the Avengers. It is here that we see a somewhat selfish Captain America who still wants to do the right thing, but by his best friend more than anyone or anything else.

Meanwhile Tony feels a lot of guilt, especially after the events of Age of Ultron, and sees the Accords as the best way possible to get the world on the side of the avengers. The ideological argument between both Steve and Tony is a fundamentally compelling one and as the audience we don’t know who to root for as they both have their merits and their flaws. This creates some of the most compelling drama within the MCU. As a comic book movie though, Civil War truly shines as it dishes out flawless action set pieces consecutively, culminating in the best superhero fight sequence ever put to celluloid. The Airport fight is a comic book fan’s greatest dream come to life as characters’ fight each other in a dizzying array of choreography and explosions. This sequence also contains Marvel’s most popular hero; Spiderman! Tom Holland absolutely nails the character dynamic of Peter Parker and Spiderman and without a doubt he is the best on screen incarnation of the character. Another new character introduced is Black Panther and he is portrayed with both majesty and brutality by Chadwick Boseman and it makes me excited for the solo Black Panther movie.

There is a flaw however with this movie but it is more representative of the Marvel problem in general; the villain. While certainly not weak like the nonsense in Thor 2 and Daniel Bruhl gives a great performance as Helmut Zemo , he is ultimately not afforded enough screen time for us to empathise with his character which is unfortunate as he is pulling most of the strings. That being said he is a far better Lex Luthor than Jesse Eisenberg in Dawn of Justice.

Honestly guys, this was an amazing comic book movie and it was really emotionally intense, riveting and fun. If you love great entertainment, with a thought provoking story and superb action you need to watch Captain America: Civil War.


By Zimran Javed Abdullah

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