Comedy Improv: What’s the big Hoo-Haa?

A little bit of friendly competition, a double dose of singing and rap, a whole heap of comedic improv, and a sprinkle of danger makes for a perfect mix of laughter, excitement and fun for the night, served in the comfy basement of The Butterfly Club on Carson Place.  The HOO-HAA gang, whose tagline is “You suggest it. We make it up.” take pride in bringing you totally unscripted, unrehearsed and uncensored comedy. With Danger Hour 2, they turn it up with challenging mental and physical games – all squished into an hour performance as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

The Hoo-Haa gang is comprised of two teams; the Bones and the Hearts, and they are set out to win our love through a voting and points system, based on the loudness of our laughter and number of wins. F.Y.I. cringe-y groans result in a loss of points so active audience participation is a must!

One night’s performance had a warm up game called ‘Doo Doo Rum Rum’ where we, the audience, shout out random people’s names while cast members take turns describing that ‘person’. The tricky part is that it has to rhyme with what the previous person has said, and yes, it is to be sung in the tune of Shaun Cassidy’s ‘Da Doo Ron Ron’.

We end up hearing about our ‘friend’ Tom, his mum and her favourite psalm. And as with all games, there’s a penalty for losing. If one fails to sing a rhyme in their turn, they are shot by massive Nerf guns and eliminated. I assure you, it gets more intense, funny and weird. What I love most is that it’s all up to the audience – we choose the topics and it’s hilarious to see the teams riffing on something thrown from left field.

There are different games, penalties and of course, different jokes every time.  Catch them at The Butterfly Club every Friday at 8pm for their regular 2 hour show.

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