Sampology launches second EP Natural Selections

It’s Saturday night when Sampology launches his second EP, Natural Selections.  Boney’s cave like structure sets the tone for the music to come. Dim lighting casts shadows against the wall and smoke emanates from corners but that’s just the atmospherics, what we came for is the sound.  When the music begins the air is lush with soulful electro, vocals and live instrumental percussion and keys. The one man band comprising of Brisbane-born Sam Poggioli will create a raw new sound, fresh on the music scenes ears, but that’s yet to be heard.

The support is Billy Davis.  Tonight they are a nine large group with trumpets, saxophone, keyboard, vocals, drums, guitars and intermittent rapping. They start off smooth, introducing strong female vocals, then fast bars- the funk and soul interlaid with synth, brass and alternating voices which mixes the genres of RnB, gospel, hip-hop and jazz.  Reminiscent of Kaytranada and Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals sounds, the band string together a bouncing vibe to last until Sampology’s set. The intimate crowd, many of whom end up on the stage at some point, are bumping together to the stylistic neo-soul Billy Davis creates.

The visuals appear before Sampology does.  Reproductions of his album artwork, which was designed by his mother, appear on screen animated; the brightly coloured leaves and grass resound to each beat of music, something Poggioli is eager to share with us.  Audio weaves together with visual, the archival images reflections of Sampology’s sound.  Throughout his set silence lasts no longer than a breathe, his six-track album mixing with songs from Birds of a Feather mix tape to create a musical journey of organic tempo.  Laden with synth, piano and percussion the sound resounding in Boney’s upstairs band room is felt within the drum of every ear.

The album’s title track ‘Natural Selections’ brings introductory jungle infused soft keys, ‘Bats’ is insistent in its upbeat tempo and ‘Be There’ creates a stringent RnB funk.  ‘Thicker than Water’s’ slowly increasing tempo, featuring Tiana Khasi’s ethereal vocals, is reminiscent of Kaytranada’s funk soul and Gilligan Moss’ electronic beats.  His Schoolboy Q cover is hard and fast.  He ends and humbly thanks the crowd, his high energy reciprocated by the enthusiastic punters.  Sampology’s exploratory sounds are sure to only continue to grow in depth and length as he continues his tour around Australia.

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