Albums: Brad Pot, Self-Titled

Ugh, what are the kids even listening to these days? I tell you what they should be listening to, Brad Pot. It sure ain’t no secret that Melbourne, nay Australia, has been churning out some damn good grunge punk outfits in the past five years or so (special mention to Ausmuteants, Drunk Mums and WOD) but listen up because there are some new kids coming out of the woodwork that are well worth your attention.

Melbourne four-piece, Brad Pot have just released their first album through Slovenly Records and man, it’s a good one. The self-titled release is an eleven-track tour de force with a cool, fast, trashy flavour. The Brad Pot boys are musically tight as hell; deliberate in detail yet still the perfect amount of grimy. Plus, with a couple of members poached from local favorites Dumb Punts and Mesa Cosa, there was no way this new outfit wasn’t going to bring the goods.

Brad Pot serves up some speedy Aussie garage with a hint of Death (think faster tracks like ‘Freaking Out’) meets early Sex Pistols and The Briefs in your mate’s outback shed. Catchy hooks, tight transitions and general fervor are smashed together and masked in a melodic punk rock coating as they tear through each track with feverish excitement and a touch of antagonism and self-indulgent frenzy.

The album’s first track, ‘Air Strike’ launches you straight into what Brad Pot is all about – catchy lyrics, speed, deep bassy melodies and sharp noisy drums to drive you through. Throw in the wicked warbling guitar solo and you’ve got yourself a killer opening track that, understandably has been getting a lot of love since the albums release.

Though I personally think every track on this album deserves a shout out, honorable mentions go to ‘Your Fault’ and ‘Hundred Bills’. These tracks are equally potent yet distinctly different. ‘Your Fault’ is fast, short and beguiling in all its punk rock glory. The low hum of the amp vibrates in your chest and in combination with the higher vocals, manages to hit all the different feels in one sweet moment. That one sweet moment lasts a whole minute and a half.  Seven tracks in, ‘Hundred Bills’ kicks off with a few bars of fuzzy guitar then drops straight into a mash of noisy goodness before jumping into an almost pop-infused chorus. It is just a damn fun track and one that’ll probably get stuck in the old noggin’ after a couple of listens. You might even find yourself yelling, “I got no money for you! I got no money for you!” when you get the next bill.

Contrasting tunes like these showcases the band’s ability to break away from a kind of track “sameness” that some bands get stuck in. Brad Pot maintains their dark, zesty nature and signature sound throughout the album and still manage to mix it up a bit. You don’t get lost in a long, flat stretch of noise and you sure as hell don’t get bored.

I think I could be here for days reiterating how good this album is, track by track and as a whole but the best advice I could give to anyone who is a fan of local garage and punk music is to simply buy and listen (incessantly) to Brad Pot’s self-titled winner. These boys have been kicking around for a little while now but their talent and efforts on this album need to be shared beyond a mere “check out these guys”.

Keep your ears pricked for upcoming gigs and make sure to follow Brad Pot on Spotify, Band camp and all the other social media digs. To say I am excited about what these guys do next is the understatement of the year.

Score: 8/10


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