The 100: “The Tinder Box”

Since The 100 was in hiatus we thought we would run a re-cap on the eve of episode 6.

The 100’s 50th episode, ‘The Tinder Box’ has gone from mildly calamitous to literally explosive in this latest instalment. In this episode, we saw Raven use an abnormally huge percentage of her brain after an alarming seizure, we are re-introduced to Riley and his vengeance arc as he tries (and fails) to kill Roan and start an all-out bloodbath, and we end with a touching moment between a reunited Bellamy and Octavia with Clarke in tow as they watched Arkadia go boom in a frenzy of fire, ash and retribution, courtesy of our hurting Grounder mate Ilian. “From the ashes we will rise.” Indeed.

It’s as episode as mild in its beginnings as the previous episodes of the season albeit with a few touches of “what is happening?” and revelations that will involve the possibility of seeing our heroes and heroines up in space again. So, it’s definitely leading up to more exciting times.

In the lab, Raven hallucinates herself into a Peter Pan musical as her subconscious simulates her floating in zero-gravity whilst unaware of the consequences to her body: a mild abnormality in her brain that may or may not lead to a stroke. It may be a serious bummer for Raven who has already been through so much, but her hallucinations have confirmed our theory: there are remnants of ALIE in Raven’s brain that allows her to use her brain to a percentage that is humanly impossible. With this though, we find out that the cure can work…but it must be done in space. Cue the opening of the interior blasts and launch doors, and we have ourselves a space ship! Raven is excited, Abby is pragmatic, while Jackson sits in-between excitement and wariness. As a long-time friend of Abby and her fellow associate, he is concerned for her in regards to the headaches and hallucinations as we are reminded that Abby herself was saved from the ALIE drug in the same unnatural way as Raven. I, for one, am seriously not on board for either one of these two not staying for the long-haul. But that’s enough of the doom-talk for now.

In Arkadia, a half-conscious Octavia manages to warn Clarke and the Arkadians of the impending Ice Nation attack. Thanks to the warning, they manage to set up their own trap that will hopefully allow Clarke the opportunity to convince Roan that they are all on the same side. I feel like this particular moment fell flat in its attempt to be climactic, particularly when Roan saved face by agreeing with Clarke to share Arkadia between the two of them instead of continuing with his seemingly inflexible decision to shed blood at all costs. Whatever Roan, we’re not lulled by your baritone voice at all.

Now, Riley. In the episode before this, we saw Riley in the background seething and holding back his cry for justice from Ice Nation who had enslaved him since before the season even began. In this episode, we finally see that vengeful, grudge-bearing rebel as he disobeys the orders from his superior officer to stay in his position – locked and ready to fire against the Ice Nation if they attack – then leave to assassinate Roan. An honorary mention to Monty, who braved the slope, as he made his way down to the Ice Nation army to convince Echo to send someone out to warn Roan of the attempt to his life.

A relieved Bellamy (Monty gives him the nod that Octavia is alive) convinces Echo to take him with her because he knows Riley and he can convince him to stop. And so they go! Bellamy has been quiet these past few episodes but so very similar to Clarke, he seems to find the magic words which prevent someone from committing murder. He’s pretty self-deprecating is ol’ Bellamy, with his response to Clarke’s “Are you okay?” simply “No one died today.” But I think it sums up the episode quite nicely.

Next episode, we are raring to see what will happen now that Arkadia went boom, thanks to Ilian’s own vengeance arc (seriously, everyone seems to have revenge arcs this season), which left the alliance with no other option but for Abby, Raven and Jackson to figure out a cure for everyone.

And that last scene with Abby hallucinating a radiation-affected Clarke? Captial C for creepy and a capital O for “Ooh, we’re finally getting into the meatier side of the story.” What will happen now that Arkadia is no longer an option? Will Raven’s upgraded brain be able to save the people on earth? Are we going to finally see someone enter space again?

Episode 6 has got a lot of answering to do!


Score: 6.5/10





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