The 100: ‘We Will Rise’ – a Bellarke roadtrip gone sideways

Clarke and co. experience some major setbacks in this episode.  Their quest to escort the hydrazine fuel to the lab fails miserably after a fierce fight against the very people they are trying to save.

But not everything in this episode is bleak – especially for Clarke, who manages to squeeze in a private reprieve with Niylah and receives a fatherly, reassuring hug from Kane. And while Bellamy may suffer as a result of his sister Octavia’s resentment and pride, the episode is leavened with an enticing relationship development when the fate and future of our two leads is hinted at…drum roll please…as involving romance.”

From an action/plot point of view, let’s name a couple of notable moments in this episode:

  • Mad Max: Fury Road car-chase scene
  • Bellamy frees Clarke who is held at knife point
  • Raven’s violent attack on Murphy. No one appreciates sarcasm at a time of crisis, Murphy.
  • Flashbacks of Lincoln’s death as Octavia deals with Ilian and the crowd of frenzied Arkadians
  • A self-deprecatory Bellamy who returns for more pain, desperate to make amends with Octavia
  • Hesitation from Bellamy, thinking that it may be Clarke inside that body bag
  • Roan kicks an empty fuel tank, much to Clarke and Bellamy’s horror
  • Jasper’s return. Only for it to be insignificant…again
  • Jaha saying the season’s tagline, “From the ashes we will rise”
  • Raven lapsing into another more fatal-looking convulsion
  • “Do we just keep on killing each other?” Roan asking the right questions if they do manage to save everyone from the radiation

These moments are dull in comparison to Clarke and Bellamy’s moment – shading out even Roan’s superhero Thor-jump which was nevertheless fancy and very much appreciated.

Bellamy’s complete trust in Clarke (who offers him a chance to kill her captor) led to the first time we see the duo genuinely smile at each other amidst this tragic, hopeless season. It was refreshing to see, and it was seriously about time. But this sweet moment between the two was topped by an emotional scene that hints at something we’ve all been probably shoving under the rug for a while now…When Bellamy despairs over the hopeless situation he finds himself in with his sister. he does so standing next to Clarke, overlooking the crystalline lake. Bellamy finally opens up to Clarke – speaking about his pain, Octavia’s suffering, and the power of family. “She’ll come around and see how special you are,” says Clarke, before allowing her eyes to wander over Bellamy. He gives her that look before he says her name in order to grab her attention. And hearing the seriousness in his voice, Clarke fully turns to face Bellamy (as does he) as he says, “If I don’t see you again…” before Clarke vehemently interrupts him.

“No. You will.”

A statement of fact. No hesitations, no preamble. She is certain that they will see each other again. And Bellamy? Bellamy wasn’t afraid to let her know right then and there that he may feel something more than just camaraderie, friendship, shared leadership, and appreciation. That, dare I say it, he may feel a deep-seated romantic love for our heroine after four seasons of dedication and fighting not just survive, but to live.

Both Clarke and Bellamy have had their share of romantic loves over the course of the four seasons. Some may see them as the duo’s relationship as platonic and as a consequence of their shared roles as leaders. But this episode, this scene changes it all. If not Clarke at the moment, then Bellamy. Bellamy is ready to let her know, let the audience know that for him, she is more than just his friend, more than just his ally, his partner, his comfort, his strength.

And this fact is integral not just to this season’s fight for survival, but for the two leaders’ future together as they share that responsibility.

Score: 7/10













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