Film: Life

‘Life’ A review of the state of life and Hollywood SciFi.

“Life. Oh life. Oh Life. Oh Life.”

Des’ree the pop prophet knew what I would feel after seeing this film. Gravity meets Alien meets Hollywood meets poor script. Visually fun, but as a self proclaimed SciFi buff, ain’t nothing nobody hasn’t seen before.*

Maybe it was the smell of the person’s feet behind me (yep), maybe it was the predictable script, the attempt of every Hollywood space movie to be profound whilst having characters overlooking earth deliberating over their existence but really, this is a shit movie. Jake Gyllenhal is good. He is believable, the only truly good performance. But the rest of the movie sounds like a bad joke:

“A pilot, 2 Engineers, A scientist, doctor and a jock walk into a space station….”

Without giving too much away, the CGI is unimpressive, and when so much suspense is down to a certain organism, you probably got to concentrate on the production of the FX a bit harder. The acting is stale (except for Gyllenhal). The characters who are meant to be of the utmost intelligence can’t see the obvious consequences of what’s going to happen when you ‘break protocol.’ Even the existence of protocol is questionable as the characters are clearly unprepared for what they have set out to do. I also didn’t feel anything for any of the characters regardless of the trouble they were in as they were rather unlovable and underdeveloped. If you didn’t enjoy Gravity, you wont enjoy Life. If you did enjoy Gravity, you wont enjoy Life. Life is a preposterous and almost arrogant title for a movie that needs to die.

Here’s a list of space/Scifi movies you should watch rather than the static performances in Life:

  • Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
  • Mars Attacks

Life is further evidence that the diluting of SciFi is well and truly on it’s way but Hollywood cannot rid itself of it’s own stink. A genre, held in such high regard by it’s devotees and that alienates (see what I did there) people with its polarizing content, is getting ‘Botox’ treatment. Ryan Reynolds playing an astronaut, Ryan Gosling in the next Blade Runner. SciFi is getting bent over and ploughed by the movie industry and we have no control we all just have to watch. This sucks. I don’t want to give away too much about the movie story, because if you actually want to see this, I respect that. Also it’s predictable AF. This ‘film’ brings to the front of my mind at least, the concerning SciFi fuckery of Hollywood.

This movie sucked. Luckily I had the company of my girlfriend and some delicious popcorn otherwise this was a potential walk out.

Movie: 3.5/10
Popcorn: 7/10

* editor has had a stroke after longest string of double negatives in SciFi review history



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