MICF: DeAnne Smith Post-Joke Era

“This woman: brilliant.”

This is what the reviewers in the audience were instructed to write about award-winning Canadian-American comedian DeAnne Smith on Saturday night. I was easily persuaded to write such a report since this was my first time at Smith’s show, and I’d been wanting to see her stand-up routine since she first discovered Australia in 2008.

But what do you joke about when you can’t joke about anything in this PC millennial era? The answer, according to Smith, is everything—and she does in the way that only the stereotype of “nice Canadian” can pull off. No demographic or topic is spared in Post-Joke Era—straight men, straight women, feminists, vegans, Fitzroy, dogs, herself—and Smith easily moves between segments of her routine with flair, banter, and a carefully curated air of spontaneity. It works. It’s a comedy dream, and when she lets the audience in on the fact that all comedians are asking with their jokes is, “Is this ok?” The answer is Yes. It’s fantastic.

Self-described as a “gentleman elf” or “man lady, whatever,” Smith cranks up audience engagement in Taxi Riverside where you feel like you’re in your living room listening to someone tell a story complete with props used to hilarious effect. Smith’s boundless energy and personality carries the hour-long set, which is complemented by certain pre-cued sound and lighting effects, and there’s even time for a costume change… of sorts. All of this is pulled off with impeccable timing—sometimes suspenseful, but most of all consistently funny.

Go and check it out!

Score: 8/10

DeAnne Smith is performing at Taxi Riverside until Sunday 23 April.

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