MICF: Dairy Kweenz – Normal Human Responses

“An ensemble comedy show you say? A sketch show you say? Done by fairly inexperienced comedians you say? NOT FOR ME!!!” – Ben before the show

I am as sceptical as the next comedy non-aficionado over sketch comedy. Let alone Sketch comedy hosted in a cabaret/vaudeville theatre. That combination of factors before tonight’s show would have made me squirm in uncomfortable, talcum-powder-smelling, jazz-dance-shoe wearing, nipple-tassel-awaiting, eyeliner-smudging, horror (tiny hat with sequins). I would be very wrong.

I have feared sketch comedy for years. Shows like Portlandia and Key & Peele have revived hope along with a few local comedians, but the stink that channel 7’s The Big Bite left on me has been too pungent. The Dairy Kweenz show, ‘Normal Human Responses’, is a massive boost to my faith in the art.

The show is centred around an incredibly hilarious eastern European doctor’s journey into finding what normal human responses are by experiments. Each experiment is accompanied by a string of creative mimes and sketches that coincide with the theme of the response (sadness, rage, happiness etc.). Sounds repetitive right? Wrong you would be.

There is so much variety of humour throughout this performance I was kind of blown away. From dry to slapstick, from absurd to over-the-top, there is legitimately something for everyone. This up and coming comedy group, who usually do improv, shine brightly and hilariously, like a bright hilarious light. Each member of the group brings their own unique flavour like a multicultural barbecue, and like said barbecue all the different dishes work very well together. I’m hungry. They tackle so many different topics, political and unimportant alike, and at such a fast pace the audience wasn’t sure when to clap. But alas the night came to an end, and with it a roar of applause.

Practically, this performance is a great warm up for any night as it starts at 6:30pm and a lot of the larger names are later. If you’re planning a last hurrah this festival, you’d be making a mistake to miss out on seeing a future festival powerhouse before they get bigger.

Score: 8 nip-tassels/10 Tap dance routines. (8/10)

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