MICF: Aaron Gocs ‘Classic Stitch-Up’

He’s an established local comedian but could easily pass for your trusted, BBQ-hosting mate with a mullet…who is also hilarious. Aaron Gocs’ easygoing demeanour made for a really relaxed show, his manner is rather paced and slow but the hour-long performance flew by.

Aaron welcomed all guests to ‘his barbecue’ as he stood centre-stage behind a very much real, barbie. He had a pair of tongs in hand to ‘flip the snags’ and make sure they were cooked for all guests. These actions were also appropriate fillers for those moments of silence or pauses between deliveries. Yeah there were a few instances throughout the show when they were almost burnt but Aaron never let it happen. He took care of the snags and he took care of his audience.

Barbie banter topics included working-class stories and observations; asbestos, suburbs, single fatherhood, mischievous young daughters and a short interpretative performance of a bowerbird family.

The bowerbird collects sometimes coloured stones and small miscellaneous items to attract and please their mate. This feature was re-visited a few times in the show, Aaron of course performed the role of both the over-worked, stone collecting father bird and stressed, child-bearing mother bird looking out for baby Gavin. Aaron mentioned he does’t normally do impersonations and it showed as his bird family were simple and entertaining – no major voice changes or crazy props. Just a clever little analogy on the nature of relationships.

Aaron admitted in closing about ‘the rustiness’ of shows during their early run at the comedy fest and acknowledged he felt it too. In the audience though, I couldn’t feel it, it passed off as charisma, the trope of the gruff but sweet bloke getting by honestly. In fact I agree with Aaron’s comment about ‘rustiness being part of the charm’.

The Greek Centre is an intimate venue, just make sure you are escorted into the right room as my ticket was checked and approved for entry into a very different show where a performer was oiled up and ready for their crowd – but I was not ready for them. Thankfully it was a very small easy to manage and I didn’t miss the start of Aaron’s set which was perfect for someone seeking a hearty laugh at day’s end.

Score: 8/10

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  • April 26, 2017 at 5:49 PM

    excelent writing well done Maria


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