MICF: Sam Simmons A-K

I’ve never seen Sam Simmons before. I have heard great things, on either side of amazing. The moment he walked onto the stage, toupee, sun visor, red sheet, doily thing around his neck, I thought this would be spectacular.

The moment he started to sing Ave Maria in falsetto, this would be spectacular.

The moment he took it all off to reveal a badminton outfit, that this would be perfection.

The audacity of Sam Simmons is admirable. After receiving a review in Edinburgh that said he’s ‘so funny he could read a phonebook and everyone would laugh’, he decided that that would be the basis for his next show.

Sam Simmons A-K was a fantastical exploration of the mind of a weirdo. The genius and brilliance behind Sam Simmons were highlighted by his unravelling of the crowd. Jokes aimed at political correctness, fellow comedians and the crowd came thick and fast. People leaving to go to the bathroom mid performance were asked if they were going to do a “1 or 2?” Sam even chased after someone to check they were coming back.

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival itself became a victim of the crusade of crazy from Sam Simmons for sending out an email to comedians aimed to curb “offensive content” followed by an anecdote about 2 women leaving his show after he was telling a joke wherein included a sexist protagonist. Sam moves so quickly that I was sitting on the edge of my seat in eager anticipation of the direction we were going.

Where we ended up was a beautiful story of modern parenting, phone book names, romance and weirdness. The show comes a full circle in an incredibly magnificent way that is so masterful that at the end of the show, you’ll be left right where you started, and with sore stomach muscles.

If you haven’t seen Sam Simmons before, and you’re open to strange and extremely perplexing and multi dimensional time, do it. Do it now. If you’re the sort of person who requires trigger warnings, stay at home and don’t ruin comedy festivals for everyone else.

Score: 9.5 Shuttlecocks/ 10 Great Puns

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