He’s a local comedian who impressively garnered a huge Youtube fan base when he was still a teenager, and now he’s requesting MICF audiences to sexually objectify him on social media. He is of course our Neel Kolhatkar and he’s pleasing and picking on packed crowds of people from Melbourne and beyond, performing 22 shows in a row at MICF this year.

A very engaging performer, Neel made the audience aware of their differences; that we were from overseas, interstate and local. He also has a knack for pointing out common unifiers such as those of us who are short, who are Sydney-siders or who were losers in high school. Despite being from Sydney, he has a strong understanding of Melbourne and can make the appropriate translations, for example someone who’s never been to Sydney suburbs can relate to his joke about Brighton Le Sands – once you know it’s ‘the Frankston’.

The theme of Neel’s show is that ‘brown men need to be more sexually objectified’. There was an element of interactivity and Neel has been honing his show in Brisbane and Adelaide Fringe and mining it’s content; saving explicit tweets and tags to read out in new performances. He explained there is a difference between race jokes and racism. All a perfect segue to also introducing the tour tee shirts on sale with the slogan ‘Come in my Kwik-E-Mart’.

Neel got a lot of voluminous love from the audience but it didn’t affect his delivery. He managed to get groups of people cheering his name and screaming their love for him (it seems to be an almost natural occurrence when he speaks) but he never got distracted or deterred. At one stage an intoxicated audience member was bothering others around them but Neel laughed it off until security escorted them out and he made a small comment that got everyone laughing and cheering in agreement.

Neel’s comedy style is at times crude but always clever. He uses self-deprecating humour but he’s not afraid to take the rest of us down. Fearless and feisty, Neel Kolhatkar’s is a voice that everyone can resonate with, the only setback is the hour not lasting long enough.


Score: 9/10


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