TV: The 100 – ‘God Complex’

Did anyone else think that the three-week hiatus took almost an ice age to pass? Well, here’s a short recap of The 100’s last episode, “God Complex” just before tomorrow’s explosive revelations titled, “DNR”, whatever that even means.

This episode was an 8/10 with Clarke comprising five out of that eight. I say this because time and time, and episode and episode again, Clarke has almost always been the most consistent character throughout the entire series and we fail to realise just how important she is to the show, but also to us as viewers. But we’ll get to her in time.

In Arkadia, Jasper becomes that rebellious teenage son whilst Bellamy goes after him like a concerned, fed-up dad. They banter, Jasper makes life and death jokes, and instead of Bellamy getting through to him, Jasper gets through to Bellamy instead. They return home with hallucinogens – appropriate, since the Arkadians are having a party of their own: loud music, booze, and dancing all present, ‘celebrating’ their pending doom. A cheerful bunch. Oh, and are we all tired of Jasper yet? Yes, yes we are. I’m frankly not concerned anymore whether the Apocalypse takes him or he takes himself to the Apocalypse. Jasper has run his arc. * sighs *

Also, did you all notice Bellamy allowing himself to have a little fun with a girl who looks exactly like Clarke? The show might as well throw us a bone while we wait to get to the good part. But with Clarke so far away, we, and unfortunately Bellamy, will just have to settle for this lookalike.

Led by Kane, Jaha, and Monty, a small group of Arkadians journey back to Polis in search of Indra’s daughter, the Flame Keeper, who may be the key to finding the hidden bunker that could save them all. Kane gets an unexpected punch to the face, and while we laugh and question Indra’s sanity, we are led to the domain of the Flame Keeper who enlightens our troupe regarding the tomb which hosts the remains of the first commander. Jaha believes that this tomb might be the bunker they’ve been looking for all this time. Unfortunately, Jaha’s 11th seal doesn’t unlock the doors to said bunker. He throws a small tantrum and commands Indra to buy them some time. Again, we find ourselves questioning Indra’s sanity when she, the ever vehemently-against-guns Indra that we know, asks them for said guns in order to be able to fulfil her job of buying them some time. I’m not sure if the writers got lazy, or if they are trying to mask Indra’s pain with blinding fury. Good thing, Monty’s a smart cookie and salvages the Polis scene with cleverness. And thus, they indeed find a bunker which can save 1200 of them. Go Monty!

Richard Harmon is the best actor in the series. There’s no doubt about it. A distressed Murphy pleads for the life of Emori, the woman he loves, as Clarke makes a decision to punish her for lying about the Grounder (read: previous episode). Harmon’s acting has been one of the redeeming qualities of the show of late. There is a natural desperation there when his voice caught and broke in his begging. It made one feel. And we applaud that. He is definitely one of the characters we should be keeping an eye on, if we’re not already. We want you to be happy too, Murph. We really do.

And Clarke. The beloved, tragic Clarke. When the episode opened to the gruesome death of that poor Grounder – wrongly accused – Abby, Clarke, Raven and the team felt like all hope was lost. They thought that Luna’s nightblood would work, that it would save them all. Instead, the Grounder lay in a pool of black blood, tortured to an excruciating and fatal end. And who does Clarke choose in the end to take up the second version of the cure that could potentially be the one that will work and would save them? Not Emori, who lay unconscious and ready to be used as guinea pig number two. No, it was Clarke, who pierced herself with the needle, transferring the bone marrow compound to herself. It was Clarke who says, “I bear it so they don’t have to.”

Maybe Bellamy threw a tantrum back in Arkadia – we will never know. Maybe the Apocalypse slowed its descent upon the desperate people for one brief moment and we will never know that either. Either way…Clarke. That’s really all there is to it to this show. Clarke. The ever benevolent, ever selfless, ever the sacrificial Clarke.

Be grateful, so thankful that Jaha and co. found a bunker, and Abby was the one who threw the tantrum, therefore demolishing the radiation chamber that could potentially have killed her. Because next episode, there will be reunions, bunkers to be filled, a new and improved Octavia, and a Clarke who will remain alive as long as they all want to live.

Score: 8/10





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