Theatre: Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Chamedian

Speechless. Every time I have been privileged to see Josh Glanc in action I leave beaten up by originality, bravery and unadulterated wit. There is a reason he has been nominated and won multiple awards from a range of festivals (Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and Edinburgh).

To keep up with the times where we label everything, I think this type of comedy would be called Comedy Design. Everything is thought through, whether planned or in the moment, it’s all crazily cohesive. Keeping up with Josh isn’t an option. You have to surrender yourself to the ride. Whether it’s a recipe for smoothies, finding a blender for that smoothie, the story of a certain Scandinavian Nineties pop band, strangely welcomed audience participation or sports, it often feels like the real enjoyment is coming from Josh watching the audience becoming putty in his hands (mind) and or reacting to what only he knows is about to happen.

Genius simple concepts, such as a Mime who discovers a real box are just some of the many sketches and characters that Josh Glanc embodies in Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Chamedian. I have been deliberately vague as merely describing some of the themes will not do justice, nor seem funny in my words. If you are into ridiculousness and laughter, catch his next run, urgently.

9 Cyclists /10 Wil Anderson impressions.


Josh Glanc’s previous shows include Manfül, 99 Schnitzels but Veal ain’t one and Overfloweth.

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