Singles: DZ Deathray ‘Total Meltdown’

Total Meltdown continues DZ Deathrays’ maturation of their sound, if not their themes. They’ve chewed up other sounds and filtered them through their own brand of sound-wall punk, and they might have something slightly more interesting to say.

As a track aiming for the sweet balance of specificity and universality that comes from the lived experience of the human condition, Total Meltdown sits pretty, managing to explore the shittiest of low points and package it in a charmingly upbeat track, bent on youthful hyperbole.

Debut album Bloodstreams was the rapid-fire statement of intent, and Black Rat was the more nuanced exploration of the party-nihilism appropriate to a GFC-affected Millennial. In Total Meltdown DZ Deathrays further this trajectory. Parsons and Ridley have wandered from 2012’s poorly insulated garage and on the beach in skinny jeans and black tees, revisiting teen hedonism but with the wisdom of their late-twenties and the spectre of mortal limitations lingering on the horizon. They deliver a track (and hopefully an album) of tunes to scream with your mates around a superfluous bonfire or in a sweaty band room.

Total Meltdown follows lead single Shred for Summer, a joyful ditty about the restorative powers of metal riffs. Given the copious sunny flavours from upcoming album Bloody Lovely, its release is curiously slated for February 2, with summer well under-way.


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