Theatre: Cell, Block Tango: Showtunes on Modern Dating

Cell, Block Tango: Showtunes on Modern Dating is a stripped back cabaret which lays to bare the truisms of modern dating. Performed at the Butterfly Club, the cabaret is a collection of witty one-liner’s and puns which mirror and mock the realities of app ‘romance’.

Writer and Producer Louise Baxter showcases the all-too familiar tales of modern dating using the sassy show tunes of popular musicals such as Sweet Charity, Gypsy, Cabaret and Chicago. The motifs of mobile dating are adopted throughout the show’s choreography as the performers swipe and take selfies; lampooning the vanity and shallowness of the modern dating world. While some of the songs could be seen as cliché, writing the perfect profile or meeting a tinder date for the first time perfectly fits with Ms Baxter’s choice of songs. Combined with the accurate portrayal of Tinder stereotypes, the performance left the audience laughing as it was both sad but true.

Performed in the intimate setting of the Butterfly Club, the performances of Lelda Kapsis, Andrew Iles and Louise Baxter use their talent and comedic timing to complement each other, conveying the awkward, depressing, hilarious and hopelessness of the modern dating world.

This was further highlighted when the performer’s read out the audience’s worst experiences. I would share the common thread which was discovered, but that would be giving away one of the highlights of the show.

Cell, Block Tango: Showtunes on Modern Dating continues to run throughout the week. So bring a date or have a night out with the girls, and brace yourselves for an hour of the perils and pitfalls of modern dating.

Show and ticketing info can be found here.


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