Events: CLOSET: After Dark

Since 2009 Closet has been bringing drinks, dancing, death drops, and disco balls to the good people of Melbourne with endless ambition.

To celebrate the end of the commencement of the three-week LGBTIQA+ festival known as Midsumma, Closet have served up another banger. Pop this in your mouth.

As the last song is played on the main stage at Midsumma Carnival in Alexandra Gardens, thousands of weary feet will shuffle their last moves before heading home to chug as much water as possible with a dose of paracetamol. For a brave (or stupid) few hundred though- this will signal the start of a different bout of debauchery.

Closet has commandeered Lounge on Swanston Street, transforming it into the hottest queer club for one night only. Featuring the likes of Salvador Darling, Ruby Slippers and Renee Delay the handful of those with stamina enough to keep going were greatly rewarded for their effort.

Usually focused more towards the fancy dandy menfolk audience, this Closet boasted a great mix of fellas, females and everything in between. As a result, it made the little signs on the front of the bathroom pretty irrelevant, and I got the joy of sharing my toilet going experiences with people of all genders and sexualities. Didn’t even get molested once! What a wild theory that people can just use the bathroom they want without being tempted into deviancy? (End sarcasm)

Kicking back on a bathroom wall watching a guy and girl try each other’s lipsticks, I got to chatting with a league of lesbians. Slightly dehydrated and more than a bit giddy on the good times they asked me if I had done Closet before. Replying in the affirmative they expressed this was their first one. Closet Virgins! We spoke for quite some time in the bathroom before sensibly moving to the bar where one hashed out that she had not hit up many queer events. She assumed they would be very male-centric and alienating for a lesbian audience. Describing gays and lesbians as light and dark of the same shade she went on to talk about her ambitions to marry her longtime partner. We talked about video games. We discussed gin and tonic. We went over a few horrific dates we had endured in the past. Then we danced with everyone, and at the end, she said she felt that perhaps her assessment of how separate the gay and lesbian experience is, was maybe an exaggerated fear. Closet had essentially seen her shift her barriers between them and us to be more inclusive. I was touched by her genuine response to the good vibes on the night and have to say, props to you Mama. You gave us disco with a side of empathy!

Looking at all the happy, bodies shaking to the beat I was touched by the oneness of the event. Apart from the sense of community, I also saw a group of people who were about to call in sick to work mere hours away and werq instead.

Closet was a sticky, glittery affair that summed up the vibe of Midsumma and took you to the dark side of the moon.

5/5 twerking queens

Check out the line-up for the Midsumma festival here.

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