Event: Summer Treats! by YUMMY

Described as “A glamorous hurricane wreaking destruction and smiting the boring” by a very talented individual writing for In Review, Yummy has struck again. What good is sitting alone in your room? Come hear the music play! Life is a cabaret old chum, come to the cabaret!

Playing again in the iconic Melba Spiegeltent, Karen From Finance, James Andrews, Beni Lola, Hannie Helsden and Valerie Hex are intent on delighting and surprising you in new and imaginative ways.

Yummy has proved time and time again to be a vital part of the Melbourne Cabaret and Arts scene with their latest show, produced for the 2018 Midsumma Festival, being no exception. Aptly titled “Summer Treats” – this show is a smorgasbord of the best things about cabaret.

In true cabaret fashion, all the lines are blurred and all the boundaries pushed. One of my favourite examples of the standard rules of the world being shattered was a humble hula-hooping act. Like most people when I’m watching someone juggling knives, or twirling batons, in my mind I can only imagine with fear, and morbid excitement what would happen should the artist make a mistake and the objects of our amusement become dangerous audience abusing projectiles. Well Yummy don’t concern themselves with this kind of worriment. Their desire to satisfy your morbid excitement is too great to pass up the opportunity to hurl hula hoops intentionally into the audience, all the while amazing with feats of dexterity.

Local drag legend, Karen from Finance, again graced the Yummy stage to close the show with an epic rendition of the tale from the hit 1997 film Titanic. Told through drag, dance, music and a healthy dose of audience participation you will relive all the heartache, whimsy, and romance of the film… or you might just wet yourself laughing. I did.

The show also features a seductive “tan-mom” style strip tease, a baby and a drug-addled rockstar morphing into each other, and a 60’s surf competition live on stage. The show manages to include so much delicious fun you will be asking for a second serving.

If you get a chance to check out Yummy – I would suggest you do! However don’t expect it to be what you expect, or on time for that matter. Genius takes time to get ready.

4/5 Coconut oil-drenched Milfs.

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