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Much like Mariah Carey at Christmas time, as the Oscar season approaches, I too grow stronger with anticipation of my favourite time of year. Of course this means I’m left as a wailing mess for the rest of the year, but boy does that three hour show at the start of the year make the rest of the months well worth it.

As you may remember from my predictions last year, I am incredibly passionate about the Academy Awards. Did I get all my predictions right last time? Pfft, I did not, but thanks to Bonnie and Clyde my predictions still were not the biggest fail of the night. And if you count the fact I mentioned the winner in my predictions in some way or form then 90% of my predictions were 50% right, which really are just excellent odds.

You could make it a fun drinking game, drink every time I get one wrong, or drink every time I get one right. It all depends on the mood you’re in. Other drinking choices for the event include…

  • Drink every time someone makes an ill-advised joke about Harvey Weinstein
  • Drink every time someone thanks God
  • Drink every time someone thanks their parents
  • Drink every time Hollywood jokes about Donald Trump
  • Drink every time someone gets played off by the music
  • Drink every time Jimmy Kimmel makes fun of Matt Damon
  • Drink every time some one makes fun of La La Land and Moonlight

In Review supports safe drinking so when I say take a drink, I obviously mean take a drink of water. Stay hydrated friends.

So without further adieu let’s get into this years predictions…


Before the awards season started, I genuinely thought Timothee Chalamet for his role in Call Me by Your Name was going to have a clean sweep of the awards, so I was a little shocked when Gary Oldman started winning left right and centre. I was a bit annoyed because I really didn’t think anyone else deserved to win, but then when I saw Oldmans’ performance in The Darkest Hour, I was amazed. Gary Oldman is an unbelievable actor as it is, but in The Darkest Hour he is unrecognisable as Winston Churchill, and if he does walk away victorious it will be a well deserved victory. I think Chalamet is an amazing actor, and I definitely expect to hear his name called in the near future, but Oldman has this one wrapped up.

Expect to be hearing: Gary Oldman

Who I want to hear: Gary Oldman


When Frances McDormand won a SAG award for her work in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, towards the end of her speech she said “there’s a lot of young ones coming up, and they need doorstops too, let’s think about that” and it really resonated with me because I feel a lot of the time in acting categories, the younger nominees are overlooked to win, because of the names and rapport of the older actors. I think McDormand was amazing in Three Billboards, but I think Saorise Ronan’s in Ladybird gave a more emotionally complex performance. Ronan perfectly captured the character of Ladybird, and she perfectly displayed on-screen the inner workings of a teenager trying to find herself, and live with a mum who doesn’t understand her. McDormand was brilliant, and she had an incredibly hard job of bringing the passion of a mother who fights for justice for their daughter, and if she wins it’s not without merit. However, I believe Saorise Ronans’ performance was slightly stronger.

Expect to be hearing: Frances McDormand (and all the f bombs she’ll drop in her speech)

Who I want to hear: Saorise Ronan


I’ll start this category with a pressing question that has been bothering me since the nominations came out. WHERE ON EARTH IS ARMIE HAMMERS NOMINATION!? I understand it’s difficult to fit everyone into one category, and there are a million amazing performances that deserve recognition, but this category has some really weird choices. Christopher Plummer is an amazing actor, but I don’t think his performance in All The Money in The World was comparable to Armie Hammers’ performance in Call Me by Your Name. I’d almost put Woody Harrelson on the same page, both actors did more or less the same of what they’re used to in film, whereas Hammer really stepped outside his comfort zone and gave not only an amazing performance, but also gelled his performance to match that of Timothee Chalamet — not an easy ask.

Sebastian Stan missing out on a nomination for his work in I, Tonya is another monstrosity in itself. A really hard category this year, but I don’t think they got the nominations right.

I’m also incredibly surprised that William Dafoe hasn

’t seen more success for his role in The Florida Project, because he was simply brilliant. That entire film was brilliant, but having had its producers put in an unsavoury light during the ‘Me Too movement’ (and rightfully so), it all but killed the films chances at award season success. Having said all that, ultimately I think Sam Rockwell will win for Three Billboards. He was brilliant in the film, his character is a little hard to swallow, but he did an amazing job at portraying a complex character who demands such intense emotional reactions from audiences.

Expect to be hearing: Sam Rockwell

Who I want to hear: Armie Hammer


This is an easy choice with Alison Janey for her role in I, Tonya to take home best supporting actress. Janney is amazing in I, Tonya and does the perfect job as portraying Tonya Harding’s mother, LaVona. I’ve always thought Janney to be an amazing actress and I’m surprised she flew under the radar for so long in terms of her acting chops. I suppose a lot of people view her as a comedic actress, but she really shows off her amazing acting abilities in I, Tonya. She completely transforms into LaVona, and it’s an utter joy to watch. That’s not to discredit any other nominees, because I genuinely loved everyone in this category (Particularly Laurie Metcalf in Ladybird) but it is Janneys’ time to shine.

Expect to be Hearing: Alison Janney

Who I want to hear: Alison Janney


The Best Director is incredibly strong this year, and it’s absolutely amazing to see Greta Gerwig nominated (only the fifth woman ever nominated for directing!).

Guillermo Del Toro looks to be walking away with the win this year. I love Guillermo Del Toros’ work is always so incredibly outside the box and enjoyable to watch that I’m always keen to see what he comes out with, so if he wins it’ll be a much deserved win. The Shape of Water is marvellous, and so incredibly unique that no one but Del Toro could have pulled it off, and I think that’s what separates the winner from the other nominees. All the other directors put forward amazing work, however, none of the other work was truly unique. It was original, yes, but Del Toro created a world where you were rooting for Elise and the amphibian man to fall in love, and how many times are you going to see that in a sentence!? When I first saw the trailer for The Shape of Water, I thought it was going to be the worst movie ever because it just sounded so bizarre, but through his own magic Del Toro turned it into one of the favourites for the award season, and only he could’ve done that.

Expect to be hearing: Guillermo Del Toro

Who I want to hear: Guillermo Del Toro


This is a hard category, it really is. All the movies that are vying for top honours are just about in this category. Sometimes (like last year) you have two obvious winners in the original screenplay and the adapted screenplay category, but for the most part this year they’re all in one category.

I’d love to see Get Out win as it’s a beautifully written film, and touched on such amazing social issues that are so prominent today. Jordan Peele did a phenomenal job with it, and the twist in the middle of the movie blew me away. To be able to lead the viewer on that journey without giving away anything too early is just amazing writing.

Having said that, I think Three Billboards will walk away with the honours. Three Billboards is a good script, I just think that the ending could’ve been a lot stronger. I walked away from that film with a million questions, and I don’t think the screenplay did everything it needed to in showing the audience the answers, or giving the audience the tools to answer the questions themselves.

Expect to be hearing: Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing Missouri

Who I want to hear: Get Out


Compared to the original category, there is significantly less competition in the adapted screenplay category. It’s actually a hard one to call, because none of the nominations have walked away with a gong in relation to their screenplay this award season, because the original screenplay category is just so loaded. I’d love to see Logan win as I think it would be an amazing step forward for comic book movies to show that there’s more to them than just pure action on screen.

However, I think either Call me by Your Name or Mudbound will walk away with the honours. Both critically acclaimed and beautiful movies in their own right, I’d say Call Me by Your Name will edge out Mudbound, simply because the movie has had much more air time in the lead up to the awards. Either movie would be a worthy winner.

Expect to be hearing: Call Me by Your Name

Who I want to hear: Logan


Don’t get me wrong, I like Three Billboards, and I believe it will probably win ‘Best Movie’. As I was watching it I really enjoyed it, but I walked away from the movie and thought I don’t think I would go back and voluntarily watch it again anytime soon, and for me an academy award-winning movie needs to draw you back to see it again and again.

I’d love for Ladybird to be the complete dark horse of the night and come out and win, but unfortunately I don’t think that will happen. For me, it was the best movie of the award season, however, I don’t think the voters will see it that way.

Expect to be hearing: Three billboards Outside of Ebbing Missouri

Who I want to hear: Ladybird



Must sees from this year’s award season…

If you think I’m going to spend all my money on watching all these movies and not tell you my must sees, then you are dearly mistaken.

“Call me by your name and I’ll call you by mine” I whisper to myself through my tears as I lie in bed crying about the love between Elio and Oliver. I was obsessed with this movie, I thought it was beautifully shot, beautifully directed, the screenplay was amazing, the acting was amazing, everything about it was amazing. I will be honest though and say that I saw it with three other friends, and two of us walked away in love with the film (and Timothee Chalamet) and the other two walked away absolutely hating it. It’s a slow burn movie, so if you’re after something that is filled with constant action and movement then this film isn’t for you. However, if you’re after a love story, this is one of the best ones you’ll ever see on-screen.

I was forced to eat my words with this movie. I read the concept and thought this movie was going to be absolutely rubbish, that the whole thing was just an award show grab and was being hyped up for no reason. I was proven wrong. It’s two hours of just pure enjoyment. The acting is amazing, the costumes are amazing, the music is PHENOMENAL. I walked out of the cinema so unbelievably happy, because this movie put me in such a good mood.

Is the script a little bit corny? Yes.

Is the CGI questionable in some parts? Yes.

Did I listen to the soundtrack for two months straight after watching the film? Yes.

If you want something uplifting, then this movie is worth a watch.

My favourite movie from the award season this year, Ladybird is so much fun. For a first time director, she did an amazing job at displaying the complexities in relationships present between mothers and daughters who don’t see eye to eye. It’s an emotional rollercoaster, where you feel every type of emotion possible when watching this film; you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be mad — it’s the entire package. Every performance by every cast member is stellar, and the entire film is just perfect. If you only see one film this award season, make it this one.

You’ve truly never seen anything like this film. It’s weird, its wonderful and its visually stunning. Sally Hawkins memorising performance along with Del Toros’ incredible directing creates a film that is truly a joy to watch. A word of warning though, this film is incredibly graphic and had me covering my eyes at one point, so it’s not one for the squeamish.

I feel like I don’t have to tell you how amazing Get Out is. Most award season movies come out in October, but Get Out was released in Australia in May (and even earlier in America), making the film a bit of an outlier. By hearing the concept you’d never think it would be nominated for so many awards, but it’s well deserved. Jordan Peele did a phenomenal job with this, and along with the incredibly acting performance by Daniel Kaluuya it made the film an instant classic.

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