MICF: Ivan Artieguieta ‘Matador’

Ivan has changed. He grew up wanting to be a bullfighter, a matador like the ones he used to see  with his grandfather in his home city Caracas. Today he is in love with a vegetarian who loves chicken…as pets.

In Matador, Ivan goes back to his roots and reflects on the relationships, experiences and mentality that shaped him, along with the influences and changes that have happened since growing up and moving to Australia. Identity crisis, migrant mentalities, South American and Spanish culture vs Aussie culture, love, passion and divorce are some of the themes at play. Audiences can also expect some trumpet fanfare and a bit of ole!

Like many, I became familiar with the comedian from his hilarious and highly recommendable ABC TV series, Lost in Pronunciation which sees him move from Venezuela to Adelaide, Australia and undergoes a bit of a culture shock but has some true blue Aussie mates to teach him about life in the land down under. His honest observation-style of comedy and love for making people laugh, very clear in the show, have gained him a hearty following. The line for admission to Matador, in one of the first days, spread all the way outside and coiled around the Victoria Hotel! Ivan does not disappoint.

Ivan’s observations on culture, life and identity as a whole, have progressed in his 6 years of living in Australia and he shares it in this show. His classic, comedic target: vegans are let off the hook as the comedian has discovered even more questionable, first-world-country lifestyles worth bringing to light.

An engaging performer who aims to please and does not hesitate to admit it; Ivan candidly outlines the myriad of difference of living in a first world and third world country and successfully does this in a laugh out loud manner. This is a show to watch this Comedy Festival and given the crowds of the early days, Matador will be one to book fast as it will most certainly continue to be a quick seller!

Matador runs from 3rd – 22nd April at the Victoria Hotel – Banquet Room.

More information and tickets available here.

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