MICF: Demi Lardner ‘I Love Skeleton’

Demi Lardner’s latest show ‘I Love Skeleton’ starts with her clambering over the audience towards the stage, with her radio microphone taped to her face like an aerobic instructor. We are never quite sure if we are safe from interaction. Demi plays this collective audience tension brilliantly, maximising infectious nervous laughter. Throughout the 55-minute show, various characters of her creation creep about the room.

Demi’s show feels like watching a friend goof around at a pub. It’s an intimate, surreal experience. At one point, Demi commented on her immature sense of humour, and at times it is, but it’s deeper than that. Her view is not to be dismissed. She might be laughing at her dad, but it’s done with a deep love. She might be taking the piss out of bogans shouting from cars, but it doesn’t celebrate their misogyny, it dissects it.

The laughs don’t stop in a show that is a whirlwind of sketches, projections, cartoons, pre-recorded audio bits and a big horse skeleton.

Along with solid absurd jokes, Demi’s strong acting carries the show from one beat to the next. She turns her cold and flu tablets and three red bulls into an energetic ‘can’t look away performance’. The titles skeletal theme subtly runs throughout, from the ‘Bone Zone’ to “your teeth are just your skeleton trying to escape your body”, proving that her brand of random is actually a precisely coordinated and polished performance that will sweep you up in its absurdity.


Demi’s show is running throughout MICF until April 22.

More information and tickets can be found here. 

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