MICF: Amos Gill ‘Where Have I Been All Your Life?’

Amos Gill went through a number of recent break ups and recounts them candidly with heart, along with some dick jokes, pussy jokes, bestiality bits and cracks on travel and Aussie culture.

Performing up three flights of stairs in an alcohol dry-zone area at the Chinese Museum, Amos is very aware of his surroundings, there are no over-glamorization attempts. As one of Australia’s most prolific and celebrated young comedians, Amos knows he’s here to make a more intimate crowd laugh hysterically, and he did just that for the whole hour!

Bringing confidence,  great stage presence and communication with the audience; Amos connected with the whole room as a variety of laughs and cackles came about at different stages of his jokes on body image and ‘fat shaming’ in non-western countries. And in a room of many Melburnians, South Australia-based Amos knew his audience well and even laughed along at any comments related to differences around our states, sometimes getting to the punch line himself first.

The show is introduced as a break up show, where Amos tells the stories of break ups he experienced very recently. Of course all events he shared did come with a punch line or comedic perspective but this did not take away from the authenticity of the heartbreak in these very personal memories. Text messages were read out, audience members got to see them for real, the show had a very friendly flow where at the end it feels you’ve been listening and understanding a friend… who shares to big groups of people and is really talented in making them all laugh hysterically out loud.

If anything, the relatable-ish relationship tales, together with Amos’ cleverly crude wit was an ideal balance! In the audience you’ll go from cringe to cackle to empathetic to straight-up belting out laughter in just a few short moments! Your cheeks will appreciate the workout.

Amos has an impressive comedy resume, travelling to the US and back, supporting Jim Jeffries, breakfast radio in Adelaide and gaining content from his travels and life experiences. It is no surprise he had extra shows added due to high demand at Adelaide Fringe this year and has been nominated and won awards in comedy in the past. He will get you laughing in the present! ‘Where Have I Been All Your Life’ is very much worth a watch (or two!) this year at Melboune International Comedy Festival.
Where Have I Been All Your Life? runs until April 22nd at the Chinese Museum – Laundry Room.

More information and tickets available here

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